About Us


It is decided to establish Transport Safety Investigation Center of continuous nature by the Presidential Decree On the Organization of the Presidency, number 1, which was published and has taken effect in the Official Gazette of 10 July 2018 and number 30474 for the purpose of investigation of serious accidents occurring in transport modes and ensuring safety of navigation and life. On the other hand, By Law of Transport Safety Investigation Center was published in the Official Gazette of 11 May 2019 and number 30771 and the Center is established on this basis and started their activities.

Principal field of study of the Center is outlined as follows.

- To investigate serious accidents which occur in transport modes,

- To investigate accidents and incidents having a significant effect in terms of safety arrangements and safety management of transport modes,

- To submit the prepared reports, when required, to the parties and interested national and international bodies and institutions,

- To publish annual statistics on the accidents and incidents which are investigated and examined.

Through the Center, a centralized and independent investigation and research of accidents occurring in different transport modes such as air transport, maritime transport, railways and highways will be possible. In this way, as resolved in the international conventions to which we are party, an independent structure of non-executive activity will be established and it will be possible to fulfill our reporting responsibilities as included again in the international conventions by means of the independent Center.

Matters such as the determination of administrative, legal or punitive responsibility will not be the purpose of accident investigation and research reports and the Board Decisions to be taken based on such reports, but to increase the safety of life and property by means of the lessons learned from the accidents will be the main objective of the Center.